Maple  Ridge  Lapidary Club
Club Gallery
Blue lace agate cabochon by  Angela Parsley.  
Bears Resting (Soapstone)
by Kevin Healy:
Club members produce work in a variety of mediums - metals, glass, polymer clays and a
variety of stones - examples of which are shown below.  Please feel free to contact the
artist directly through the contact information shown with their work.  You may also contact
the Club to learn more about how you can explore working with some of these materials
yourself.  Email us at: or phone: 604-466 4938.
Copper pendant (bean casting) by Walt Pinder.  
Mary's Commish" : Pink Canadian amethyst, labradorite and sterling
silver Pendant - 5.5cm x 3.0 cm;  Chain - 36 cm by Lina
Soapstone Bear by Mike Stewart
stone carving by Ken Rimmer
Chlorite, jade and green marble
private collection
Acrylic on Red Jasper pendant.
1.5" x 1.75"
Wire wrapped in square gold wire
by Christine Stanley
52 x 38 Snowflake Obsidian
by Margaret Rebidue (age 9)
December 2012
Left to Right below  3 strand white Biwa freshwater pearls with sterling silver clasp  & crimps; sterling silver calla lily
hook earrings; white bone jade and sterling silver earrings; white freshwater pearl coin & silver sand dollar earrings:  
teal freshwater pearl , Apatite & sterling silver bracelet with toggle clasp by Anne Bone.  Email:
Snowy Owl by Ken Rimmer