At Maple Ridge Lapidary Club, we engage in a variety of rock and mineral based activities. More
experienced club members are happy to pass along their expertise to the willing learner.

  • Cutting, grinding and polishing stones into round, oblong and other shapes to use as jewelry
  • Shaping a rough and weathered stone into a beautiful sculpture.
  • Faceting gemstones for high value jewellery.
  • Working with copper, silver, or gold to create jewellery through techniques like:
- lost wax casting
- cutting and soldering
- hammering
- broom casting    

Come join us, we are looking forward to meeting you.

Instruction/guidance in specific activities is available during club hours:
Stone carving  - Wednesday and Friday from 6pm to 9pm
Silversmithing - Tuesday and Friday from 6pm to 9pm

Note: Fridays is also family drop in night.  There is not any exclusivity of shop use on any night.  
Workshop is open to members each Saturday from 9:00 am until Noon.
stone carving
Stone carving is an ancient activity
transforming a rough natural stone
into a shape. Controlling the
removal of undesired material is
one particular way of producing
sculptures. An additional method
is modelling with clay or other
materials, then casting.
Silversmithing is the generic
term for working with silver  to
make jewellery or other items.
Because silver, and similar
metals like copper and gold,
are so malleable, there are
different ways to work with it,
including cutting, forming,
soldering, riveting, casting
and squeezing. The choices
and preferences vary with
every silversmith.
stone polishing
A cabochon is a
gemstone  which has
been shaped and
polished, usually with a
convex top and a flat
back and most often cut
in a rounded oval.
Facets are flat faces that make
a geometric shape. Cutting a
gemstone with facets so that
the stone sparkles with
internally reflected light is very
precise work. Transparent or
translucent gem stones are
normally used.
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