MRLC Mine-Ores
Maple Ridge Lapidary Club

The Mine-Ores is an activity group for the younger members of the
Maple Ridge Lapidary Club (MRLC).  Meetings are held approximately
once a month and centre on activities designed for the age and abilities
of the members.  The Mine-Ores is designed to help them gain
knowledge about amateur geology – also known as rockhounding -
through field trips, identifying and categorizing specimen collections.  
Activities may include field trips to Britannia Mines or an opportunity to
participate in gold panning.   Other activities can include the
opportunity to meet other collectors and view their collections, visit
local rock and gem shows, observe demonstrations of lapidary arts
and meet show artisans and vendors.  

The Mine-Ores is led by Walt P and parents of the members assist
with activities.  Family membership in the MRLC includes the
opportunity for youth members to participate in the Mine-Ores.  A
small shop fee may be charged to cover the cost of materials and
additional charges may be incurred to cover the cost of some activities
– details will be provided in advance of such activities.  

If you have questions or would like additional information about the
Mine-Ores, please see Walt or any member of the Executive