Maple Ridge Lapidary Club
2017 Annual Rock and Gem Show Raffle
              The winners of the 2017 Raffle are as fallows:

             Prize                                                                                                                           Winner                              

1st. Carving of Orcas                                                                                                                 Derek

2nd. Carving of Snow Buffalo                                                                                                    Estelle Slamang

3rd. Carving of Otter                                                                                                                   Terry Goff

Basket setting STERLING SILVER Amethyst Ring                                                        Shirley Hammer

5th. Necklace of Polymer Clay Beads and

STERLING SILVER/Pink Jade Beads                                                                              Peter Hindor

6th. Necklace GlaSterling Silver Beads
with Crazy Lace Agate Beads                                                                                            A Wnorowski

7th. Earrings STERLING SILVER                                                                                             Brigitte Stewart

8th. Necklace STERLING SILVER with

Freshwater GlaSterling Silver Peals                                                                                 Geraldine Roberts

                                  *****All winners will be contacted to make arrangements for prize pick up*****